Our Mission

Hereafter Partners was created to give people — as early as possible — a language about a subject that has been made somewhat invisible and relatively uncomfortable:  Death and dying.

We hope to empower people  to plan for the elements of a values-based death so that they can live a richer and calmer life to the very end.

Our offerings are intended, primarily, for those of us in our 30s, 40s, and 50s who are caught between parents, siblings, and our own inner voices of fear and confusion.  People at any age, however, can benefit from the conversations and tools we curate.

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Workshops and FacilitATions

Hereafter Partners are experts in producing both large- and small-scale events.  We can bring together whole communities or intimate groups for discussion and hands-on end of life planning workshops.

Checklists and Resources

In addition to leading inviting and open discussions on life and death, Hereafter Partners aims to provide both individuals and organizations with tools, checklists, workflow pathways, and other resources for navigating this often-fraught terrain while it is not yet urgent and before it is too late.

Conversation Starters

Do you find it hard to approach the topics of death, dying, and aging with your loved ones?  We have tips for starting these conversations from many potential angles — even if you don’t think you’re ready.

Living and Dying in… Series

Americans have tended to push death, dying, and aging to the dark corners of life.  Other cultures and communities find ways to embrace and celebrate these later stages, impacting the way that they approach living.  Join tailor-made travel experiences to get a new perspective on life and death.

Upcoming Events

Most of our events are open to the public.  Please take a look at our upcoming schedule and plan to join us as we explore with candor and empathy an array of important end-of-life issues.

Please NOTE:

We have resumed in-person events. But some online programs persist, allowing more people to join in.

Tuesday & Thursday

January 27 and 29, 2024

1-2:30 pm ET

Free Online Mini-Course 

Online Workshop

Prep for the Inevitable: Princeton Wintersession MiniCourse

This mini-course is meant to give people—as early as possible—a language about a subject that has been made somewhat invisible and relatively uncomfortable: Death and dying. But it will also give you the tools to help you understand what you might need to know about your loved ones’ plans and wishes, how to start those fraught conversations, and how to convey to your loved ones how their tackling end of life planning will bring you greater peace of mind. It also may help you clarify your own values-based wishes. Open to Princeton University community.


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February 20, 2024

12-12:30 pm ET

Free Online Webinar

Online Webinar

Welcome to Hereafter Partners

 You’ve been thinking you and your loved ones should “get your stuff together” but it’s always been easier to put it off. Come learn what we mean by end of life planning, what your EOLP readiness profile is, and what small steps you can tackle TODAY to begin  to put your mind at ease.


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stack of death-related books


March 7, 2023

5:30-6:45 pm ET

Princeton, NJ

Living Well, Dying Well Discussion Group

March Book—All the Living and the Dead by Hayley Campbell

All are welcome for a discussion on a work of non-fiction, memoir, or fiction with themes of aging, caregiving, death, or grieving, selected by previous discussants.

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Leslie Jennings Rowley, PhD, MBA

“Helping my father navigate the end stage of his life was life-changing for me, and watching my husband navigate his executorship role for his mother’s estate woke me up to a big reality: Many of us in our 30s, 40s, and 50s are underprepared for the eventuality of our loved ones’ deaths–not to mention our own. Now I’ve taken on the personal mission of trying to design a set of resources for our cohort and a mechanism for starting this conversation with those of us caught between parents, siblings, and our own inner voices of fear and confusion.” 

Leslie Jennings Rowley

Founder | Hereafter Partners

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The key benefit of this forum was getting the issue out into the open. You managed to break through the reluctance many of us have to confront these issues. Now that I’ve heard from others, it’s much easier to discuss these issues, or at least broach the subject, with my family. Thank you!

– Dan D.

It was an informative, frank conversation about planning for death the way we plan for other milestones. We were made aware of some basic legalities around end of life choices and how the laws vary from state to state. I came away with some strategies for having honest caring discussions with my parents. All in all the event made this universal topic feel universal!

– Megan M.