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Know the items you need to think about and gather when starting to draft your will—from executor selection to instruments for safeguarding your assets to guardianship.

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Understand where the power of an advanced directive ends and how to capture your wishes in other components of a living will: medical power of attorney, dementia addenda, DNRs, POLSTS, and more.

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When one person dies, those who remain will need guidance on what to do. Use this list to guide your loved ones from how you want to be memorialized to how to navigate the files and physical stuff.

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Recognize the patterns of avoidance and the potential on-ramps for starting the conversations. Includes Hereafter Partners’ Value Ranking Exercise and Conversation Prompt Cards.

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Be able to execute a legal last will and testament by knowing what part of drafting a will you can do on your own and when to call a lawyer, how much the process can cost, and what you can do to minimize that cost.

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Be able to execute a legal advanced directive, name a medical power of attorney, and communicate fully about the kind of care you wish to receive under various medical scenarios.

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Don’t know where to start your End of Life Planning or want to make sure you think of everything?  Use this step-by-step guidance to create your own personal workflow to tackling it all: the emotional, financial, legal, medical, & logistical.

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Knowing what you need to do is one thing.  How about a structure for tackling those concrete “to do” items? This 9-module online video course walks you through the “how to” of each step and includes tips for how to find the time and motivation to complete each task.

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Almost all of us know we have some planning to do, but—let’s face it—this stuff is hard!  Join a group of motivated others to help each other tackle each module of the Workflow Course through a private chat group and through six moderated online video chats over 10 weeks.

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Use this step-by-step guidance to help you differentiate the urgent matters to attend to after a loved one’s death from the “must-do-eventually”s, hopefully tempering the immediate stress of a death.

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This 6-module online video course demystifies the role of the executor and helps you navigate your duties from the chaotic early days through settling a loved one’s estate.

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Time can go quickly when you are trying to tie up a million loose ends. Monthly coaching sessions augment the “What to Do Now” course modules to help keep you on track. 

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