Photographic portrait of Megan Scott

Welcome Megan Scott

In April 2021, two women met who each has a big vision about how we can change conversation and action around death and dying. The overlap in their thinking, however, was a lot bigger than their points of divergence. The relationship between Hereafter Partner founder Leslie Rowley and the amazing Megan Scott continued to grow and we are now delighted to introduce Megan to our community as a Partner who is committed to helping us build resources and programs. 

Megan has seen cultures, teams, and people thrive in environments of holistic wellness and care, and she’s seen them wither in environments where wellness isn’t valued. Her mission, therefore, has become to help people define what wellness means to them and understand how it can positively affect their day-to-day lives and the lives of the people around them. She wants to help Hereafter Partners inspire you to plan for your death because she believes it is the best way to live a good life. One of her tools revolves around the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” that she posits are standard to the human experience and are also key in exploring as you plan for your death. In the coming months, you’ll hear about these dimensions and how to employ them.
For now, please help me welcome Megan to our community.

Welcome megan







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