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Transforming Grief and Redefining Your Legacy: An Exploration

We strongly believe that when people can recognize a more open, judgment-free approach to their own mortality and the ones most important to them, the freer and richer life can become. We are striving to build tools and programs to help more people realize this.

We are seeking your help in contributing to building a meaningful tool to this end. 

Our hope is that you will afford us about 20 minutes of your time to share with us your answers to a brief scenario.  Giving us the insights into your process in this scenario will help us to build out an offering that can launch this death movement into our culture in an extremely meaningful way.  We also hope that in the process you will discover more about what matters to you and be able to communicate with the ones you love the most about your wishes, hopes, dreams and fears surrounding your death, or theirs.  We invite you to do this exercise multiple times if you find it useful, and to share it with those that mean the most to you. 

Thank you in advance for your time and insight.

Respond to the scenario